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Integrated Sensor Suites are the collection of external sensors alone and ready for your choice of logging / viewing platform.

6322AU: Wireless Vantage Pro 2™ Integrated Sensor Suite

6327C: Cabled Vantage Pro 2™ Plus ISS

6357AU: Vantage Vue Wireless Integrated Sensor Suite

6322C: Cabled Vantage Pro 2™ ISS

6328AU: Wireless Vantage Pro 2™ Plus ISS with 24-Hr Fan-Aspirated Radiation Shield

6820AU: Wireless Vantage Pro 2™ GroWeather Sensor Suite

6323AU: Wireless Vantage Pro 2™ ISS with 24-Hr Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield

6331AU: AC Powered Wireless Sensor Transmitter

6820C: Vantage Pro 2™ GroWeather Cabled Sensor Suite

6327AU: Wireless Vantage Pro 2™ Plus Integrated Sensor Suite

6332AU: Solar-Powered Wireless Sensor Transmitter

6825AU: Vantage Pro 2™ GroWeather Wireless Sensor Suite with 24-Hour Fan

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