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Measure, Monitor, and Manage Field Data


EnviroMonitor brings your farm into the modern age of technology, serving as your reliable “eyes and ears” in the field, 24/7. Now you can have an affordable, flexible, rugged solution that delivers the data you need to manage key elements that keep crops healthy, yields high, and money in your pocket.

View our introduction video to see what EnviroMonitor can do for you.

A Powerful Team: Accurate Hardware, Intuitive Software, Easy Setup


Your farm is unique. You must make decisions based on your crops, growing on your land, in the unique conditions that are found only there on your property. EnviroMonitor will let you create a system precisely suited to deliver the information you need. With your micro-climate data in the Cloud, you’ll be able to access it from your PC and mobile devices. Our site allows you to customize your dashboard, perform in-depth analysis with reports, charts and graphs, export data and much more. Easily access your data with Mobilize, our free, intuitive, decision-making app that puts field data in your hands. Customize your screen views, quickly browse sensor data, view forecasts, frost information, set up alarms and more.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Use real-time, field data based on your micro-climate to make decisions on what matters most to you.

Irrigation Management

Determine irrigation requirements based on:
     - Soil moisture data
     - Evapotranspiration (ET)
     - Customized alerts
     - Irrigation audits

Custom Alerts

Create custom alerts specific to your climate and conditions and have them sent to people you designate.

Third-Party Sensors Welcome

EnviroMonitor is compatible with Davis sensors as well as dozens of popular third party sensors.

Specific Crop Management

Track crop development:
     - Monitor plant growth via Growing Degree Days
     - Leverage 7-day forecasts
     - Track chilling requirements

EnviroMonitor System


EnviroMonitor is a revolution of precision agriculture: it gathers intelligence by measuring, monitoring and managing critical field data to related climate, irrigation, and crop production. Add almost any sensor you choose to suit your needs and microclimate. Sensor data is gathered over a secure, self-optimizing, self-healing network. 


1. Davis & Third-Party Sensors

2. Multiple Sensors Per Node

3. Nodes Gather Data

4. Nodes Communicate

5. Mesh Network

6. Gateway Sends Data

7. Cabled Sensor Suite

8. Get Your Data From Anywhere


10. Mobilize: Field Data, In-Hand


How Does It Work?


1. Choose the sensors you need. Select from Davis and third-party sensors.

2. Install the sensors and connect them to Nodes (up to four sensors per Node).

3. Pair Nodes to the Gateway (up to 20 Nodes per Gateway) using easy, step-by-step directions in the EnviroMonitor configuration app.

4. The Nodes form a secure, self-optimizing, self-healing network, transmitting data from sensors to the Gateway or another Node. Data flows automatically from your fields to your smartphone, giving you the information you need to make important decisions.

5. Manage your crops with personalized software that offers custom alerts and team set-up, to help you streamline farm management processes. Access your data on as well as through Mobilize, our powerful management app.

The EnviroMonitor Gateway: Your data transportation center


The EnviroMonitor Gateway collects all data from the Nodes and pushes it securely to the Cloud using cellular connectivity. From there, the data can be accessed on your smart devices and computers. The Gateway is encapsulated in a weather-resistant housing and is solar-powered with a battery back-up to keep your data flowing.

You can gather data from up to 20 Nodes per Gateway. That’s up to 80 Davis and third party sensors per Gateway! And because the Nodes can communicate up to a 4,000 feet (1200 meters) in ideal conditions, you can cover a lot of ground with one network.

The EnviroMonitor Node: Your sensor data collector


Connect Davis’ accurate and reliable sensors, as well as third party sensors such as flow meters, pressure switches and more, to an EnviroMonitor Node. You can connect up to four sensors per node.

Nodes gather data from sensors and communicate with each other (up to 4,000 feet, 1200 meters). They connect over a self-optimizing mesh network that feeds your data wirelessly to the EnviroMonitor Gateway. Every Node is a self-contained, weather-resistant, solar-powered unit that comes with mounting hardware. You can have up to 20 Nodes in one network.

The EnviroMonitor Configuration App:
Your key to an easy setup


We’ve created a configuration app to make setting up your system quick and painless.

The EnviroMonitor Mobilize App: Your weather data wherever you are

Easily access your data with Mobilize, our free, intuitive, decision-making app (available for iPhone and Android devices) that puts field data in your hands. Designed with your needs in mind: customize screen views, quickly browse sensor data, view forecast, frost info and more.

The EnviroMonitor Website: Your Data, Your Way


Your data can be easily accessed via, a secure site dedicated to your weather-viewing needs. It displays current conditions, sensor status, and makes running reports a snap.


Our site allows you to customize your dashboard, perform in-depth analysis with reports, charts and graphs, export data and much more. Customize the dashboard to your preferences; even share data privately with others.

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