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WeatherLink Live



WeatherLink​ Live 

WeatherLink Live: Connects to Wi-Fi automatically to send data to the WeatherLink® Cloud. From there, you can use the website, mobile apps, and upload to third-party services like WeatherUnderground or CWOP.


Live: Enjoy Live streaming data with the WeatherLink app when on your local Wi-Fi. See wind gusts as they happen and track rain rates and accumulation in real-time. With the fastest data updates in the industry, you’ll see your weather data as it happens.


Effortless Setup: Simple setup with the iOS or Android WeatherLink app. No Wi-Fi? No problem. Easily connect to Ethernet with the included cable.


Long-Range Wireless: Depend on Davis Instruments' industry-leading, proprietary, frequency-hopping, spread-spectrum radio to transmit data up to 1,000 feet (300 meters).


Monitor Your Environment: Create a custom network of sensors using up to eight of Davis Instruments' trusted transmitters in any combination: Vantage Vue Sensor Suites, Vantage Pro2 Sensor Suites, Sensor Transmitters, and Wireless Leaf & Soil Moisture/Temperature Stations.


Smart Home: Get the most out of your WeatherLink Live. Ask Amazon Alexa about your weather. Connect your data to smart irrigation systems. Configure other IoT/smart home systems.


WeatherLink Live comes with a USB cable for power and provides access to real time data via and the iOS and Android phone apps. To access historical data, a WeatherLink Pro Subscription is required. This is currently $3.95 US per month billed annually. More information can be found at


WeatherLink DataLoggers​ 

Your weather data, your PC. What could be better?

For the ultimate in weather monitoring, add WeatherLink® to a Davis station. Create graphs, calculate totals and averages, analyze trends, and more all with your own weather database.
The WeatherLink data logger fits neatly into a Vantage Vue Console or a Vantage Pro2 Console, or a Weather Envoy, storing data even when it's not connected to your PC. Data loggers are not interchangeable. Be sure to choose the right version for your station by seeing which will suit your needs below.



The easy, low power solution for distributing your weather data to your preferred Weather Networks.

Connect your data logger into the MeteoBridge and with a few simple setup steps you can stream data to BOM WOW, Weather Underground and many more networks. You can even configure it to send data via email, twitter and a range of other push services.

The easy to use web interface makes setup a breeze and once it's done, it runs completely independently of your computer.


Meteobridge Pro2


The new MeteoBridge Pro2 is a wireless personal weather server. Powered by a Carambola2 computing platform and offering an Atheros chipset with 64 MB RAM and 16 MB flash, it includes 1GB of internal storage, LAN and WiFi Capabilities, two USB ports, integrated RF capabilities and an OLED Display. It receives directly from your chosen Integrated Sensor Suite, providing a seamless connection from the Weather Station to online Weather Networks. It comes in a tiny aluminium enclosure (57mm x 26mm x 86mm measured without SMA connectors at the back) and the panels are made of sturdy plastic.

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