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6420 Leaf Wetness Sensor

6420 Leaf Wetness Sensor

The Leaf Wetness Sensor detects the presence of surface
moisture. The sensor is an artificial-leaf electrical-resistance type. It consists of a sensing grid, low-voltage bi-polar excitation circuit, and conductivity-sensing circuit. The Vantage Pro2 console measures the conductivity across the
grid and displays the result as a moisture level, scaled from 0 to 15. The user may select the threshold level at and
above which moisture-hour totals are accumulated.
The sensing grid is a gold-plated etched circuit on an epoxy-glass substrate; the excitation and sense circuits are
encapsulated in black epoxy. The included mounting bracket holds the sensor at a 45° angle to simulate a typical leaf
position and to permit run-off of excess moisture; it may be mounted on a vertical post, pipe, or stake, or on the Sensor
Mounting Arm.
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    Product Code 6420
    The Leaf Wetness Sensor must be connected via a Leaf & Soil Moisture/Temperature Station (#6345AU).
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