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Vantage Vue
Vantage Vue
Vantage Vue
Vantage Pro 2
Product Codes: 6152AU, 6152C

Professional wireless or cabled weather stations for official weather reporting, in-home use, education, agriculture and more. We've got you covered. A Davis Weather Station is the best value for your money. Select from a variety of stations to meet your needs.

Stations Vantage Pro 2
Stations Vantage Vue

6152AU      $1,182.50 inc. GST

6152C         $1,100.00 inc. GST

The Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather station is a professional and rugged weather station with a versatile sensor suite that combines the Aerocone rain collector, temperature and humidity sensors and anemometer into one package. The Vantage Pro 2 comes with a convenient console and is available in wireless and cabled models, which are recommended for heavy RF users. You can customise your Vantage Pro 2 by adding special purpose sensors, stations or additional consoles. Vantage Pro 2 is an excellent choice for farmers, researchers, educators, municipalities industrial and emergency professionals.

Vantage Vue
Product Code: 6250AU

6250AU      $726.00 inc. GST

The Davis Vantage Vue weather station is compact, sleek and tough, giving all the weather data you need for home use, education, boating and more. The outdoor sensor suite sets up in minutes and sends data wirelessly to the console in your home, school, or business. You'll see current weather conditions including indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed, wind direction, dew point and rainfall. You'll also get weather forecasts, moon phases, sunrise/sunset times, graphing of weather trends, alarms and more. Vantage Vue also boasts the innovative Weather Center button that displays data on weather variables for both today and over the last 25 days.

Vantage Vue
Vantage Pro 2 Plus
Product Codes: 6162AU, 6162C

6162AU      $1,870.00 inc. GST

6162C         $1,793.00 inc. GST

All the great features of the Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather station with the additional benefit of UV and Solar Radiation Sensors installed on a specially designed mounting shelf. The additional sensors allow for the tracking of Solar Radiation, Evapotranspiration and UV Indices. Time measures are programmable to meet your specific needs. Available in both wireless and cabled versions, which are recommended for heavy RF users.

Vantage Pro 2 Fan Aspirated
Product Codes: 6153AU, 6163AU (Plus)

6153 AU      $1,562.00 inc. GST

6163 AU      $2,255.00 inc. GST

The very best your Weather Station can be!

Davis Fan Aspirated models include the outdoor Integrated Sensor Suite temperature and humidity sensors enclosed in a solar-powered, 24-hour fan-aspirated radiation shield. The fan‐aspirated models combine passive shielding that draws outside air in over the temperature and humidity sensors, providing a highly accurate temperature reading. The 6163AU comes equipped with UV & Solar Radiation Sensors found on the Vantage Pro 2 Plus model.

Need weather monitoring from a remote location? Take a look at our Telemetry systems.  

All Davis Instruments Australia weather stations operate on the LEGAL Australian Band & hold C-Tick Certification.

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