Exclusive Davis Australian Distributor Since 1989


Since 1989 under the banner of Solar Flair and more recently EcoWatch we have been distributing Davis products throughout Australia. 

In search of a product that could withstand the harsh environments of 'down under' Davis have stood at the forefront for reliable, robust and affordable weather monitoring equipment.  

If you're ever in the Cowes area please feel free to drop in and say 'G-day'.  We'll gladly show you the range of Davis products we stock and happily answer any questions you may have.  We are open from 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday.






Want to know more about the birth of Davis? Visit the US site via the link below.


Davis Instruments Corp


From the early days of the Weather Monitor and Weather Wizard to the new evolution of the Vantage Pro 2 and the Vantage Vue. We carry parts for most of the older model and offer help and expertise on all Davis weather stations.

Now with the ability to use smart devices and take advantage of 3G  telemetry the future of weather monitoring has never been more exciting!


Some of our competitors weather stations may appear cheaper on the surface, but Davis stations consistently outshine the competition in terms of reliability, accuracy and update interval.

Special Note: Protect your investment.  As the Australian Distributor for Davis Instruments, Weather Stations - all units supplied operate on legal Australian frequencies.  We also offer warranty, on-going technical support and back-up for your weather station and associated accessories.

​Please note all stations  by Davis Instruments Australia operate on the LEGAL Australian Band & hold C-Tick Certification.